NFT Vaults

Asset Management for the metaverse.

Bring your NFT strategies to life with LandTrust’s innovative Vaults that offer autonomous bidding, together with trustless and transparent asset management tools.




How It Works

Set up a Vault
Come up with your Vault strategy, select the metaverse(s) and define: number of fractional NFTs, price, flipping target, exit date etc. Then deploy the contract on the ETH chain.
Raise Funds
Announce the mint and let the world know that now they can become owners of a metaverse land-backed NFT Vault, which will bring your strategy to life!
Acquire Assets
Based on the metaverse you’ve selected, you can now start buying lands with bids. Our Vaults have built-in bidding functionality allowing potential -10-30% entry!
Manage Assets
Renting out, building, mining from and playing on the Vault’s underlying assets - all possible, as long as supported by the metaverse/game!
Distribute proceeds
to minters
When all of the assets are sold, proceeds are distributed among the Vault NFT holders. Vault NFTs need to be burnt in order to claim the respective share!
Security layer: the foundation
The Vault management process is done in a transparent and trustless way, which implies the following: funds cannot be transferred from the Vault; Vault assets cannot be transferred, withdrawn or privately listed; Vault assets can only be sold and the net proceeds be claimable by the Vault NFT owners.

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Who can use our Vaults?
Asset Managers
Got a unique NFT / metaverse land management strategy? Buying with bids, quick flipping or holding - all of it possible. Our Vaults enable you to execute various strategies in a transparent and trustless way.
DAOs / NFT projects
Is your community / NFT project going to buy and own metaverse lands or NFT assets? You might want to keep them in a smart contract custody to keep it transparent to your users. Listing, selling & reinvesting funds - all possible through Vaults.
What if your guild wants to buy a large planet or an asteroid in Phantom Galaxies? Your objective would be to buy as large planet as possible, then develop it to minimize the token production cost. Our Vaults would allow you to do exactly that!
Vault advantages
  • Technical support, tools and infrastructure
  • Transparency and trust
  • Proprietary smart contracts and code
  • Automated bidding
  • Decentralized asset management
  • Fractionalization
  • Autonomous strategy execution
  • Tailored for NFT assets



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