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LandTrust FLUF World Vault #6

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LandTrust Vault #6 NFTs are backed by a Fluf World asset - a Fluf. By purchasing the NFT, you become an owner of a fraction of the NFT(s) held by the Vault.

Metaverse: Fluf World
Goal: Buy a Fluf with bids below current floor price.
Vault size: 3 ETH
Number of NFTs: 30
Mint price: 0.1 ETH
Strategy: "Buy with bids", flip 1.5X or auction off in 1 year
Mint Deadline: Sep 07, 2022
Management Fee: 5%
Success Fee: 20%

How does the Vault #6 work?
LandTrust Vault #6 pools together ETH by minting 30 NFTs at 0.1 ETH and buys a Fluf with bids below the floor price. The vault lists acquired asset at 1.5x price until sold. If the asset is not sold during the next 360 days, the vault auctions off the asset.

Each holder of vault #6 NFT is able to claim pro-rata proceeds of the vault when the assets are sold (minus fees). By claiming the proceeds the vault #6 NFTs will be burned.

A 5% management fee is applied to initial mint proceeds used by the team to cover the vault’s smart contract deployment costs. A 20% success fee is applied to the vault’s profit (i.e. the difference between the total buying and selling price of the pool assets in ETH after the liquidation of all of the assets).