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Diamond Lands <> LandTrust Vault #4

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Diamond Lands

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Who are Diamond Lands?
The Diamond Lands team are on a mission to find the rarest metaverse land opportunities and make them accessible to everyone. Diamond Lands are using their extensive experience and expertise to create a series of exclusive strategies, all targeting prime lands within the highest ranking metaverses as ranked by their proprietary Diamond Matrix. Find out more about them on their website:

Metaverse: The Sandbox
Diamond Lands <> LandTrust Vault #4

Number of NFTs: 150
Mint Price: 0.1 ETH
Mint Deadline: August 12, 2022
Management Fee: 5%
Success Fee: 25%

Strategy: Purchase undervalued Diamond Lands along the front row of key estates and flip 2.5X or auction off in 1 year.

Whitelist mint opens: July 12, 4pm UTC
Public mint opens: July 13, 4pm UTC

- 5 of 25 NFTs (from the giveaway Vault #3) will be raffled among the Vault #4 minters.
Those investors who were also early supporters on the DL whitelist will have 2X the chances to win.
- 4,000 $LAND tokens per each Vault #4 NFT minted.

- The vault will go live at either sell out or the mint deadline if the pool is above 5 Eth.
- 25% success fee is applied to the vault’s profit (difference between the total buying and selling price of the pool assets in ETH after the liquidation of all of the assets).